About Tullochan

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Tullochan delivers a wide range of youth work services to communities in West Dunbartonshire. From small beginnings in 1996 we have grown rapidly, progressively attracting more and more funding to enable us to provide an ever-expanding range of projects and services. The quality and effectiveness of Tullochan’s work has earned considerable recognition and support, both locally and nationally, from a diverse range of both public and private sector organisations and individuals.


Tullochan, through the best early intervention and support, will be the leading organisation empowering young people to achieve their full potential and improve their lives


Tullochan’s mission is to help the young people of West Dunbartonshire to lead full and rewarding lives by continually giving them the support, encouragement and opportunities they need to enable them to develop and apply their individual qualities to best effect


Above all we value the individual

We also value leadership, teamwork, respect, achievement, integrity, quality and long-term commitment


We have three main priorities which underpin our current operations and guide us in our future plans:

  • Priority 1 – Early Intervention Programme- focussed activity on 11 to 17 year olds – working to ensure that they make a successful transition into further education, training or employment
  • Priority 2 – Intensive Support Programme – focussed on providing a package of support to the most vulnerable young people
  • Priority 3 – Transitions Programme – focussed on 16 to 24 year olds – supporting them with employment training opportunities
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