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Today I had a great experience! I went gorge walking and jumped into a pool. I am really proud of myself because I am really scared of heights but I did it!

A Tullochan Young Person

The change in ‘Adam’ has been a complete turn around.  Thank you so much.

A Tullochan  Parent


I cannot thank the Tullochan enough for the contribution they have made to the pupils of Vale of Leven Academy both past and present. They have worked with many of our young people, and have undoubtedly helped a great deal. The staff are young, energetic and very caring. They improve the confidence and self esteem of pupils as well as raising aspirations. Our young people have special relationships with their Tullochan workers who stick by them ‘no matter what’. We endorse all the excellent work that Tullochan does, and we know that very many young people are very grateful to the Tullochan staff for the help they have been given.

Catriona M. Robertson Head Teacher Vale of Leven Academy January 2014

The service provided by the staff from Tullochan for our young people is second to none. The staff work with a selected group of young people who do not have the social skills to mix with their peers due to a lack of confidence and self esteem. The work they do makes the transition to secondary school seem that much easier for them and helps to prepare them for life after school. Not only does it allow them to develop skills for learning, life and work but to work in a more relaxed environment where everyone has a voice and is listened too. The young people are able to express their opinions whilst learning about every day issues which may affect them in their daily lives. Tullochan is an organisation which provides a valuable support mechanism for many young people and the staff who work with them are positive role models. By the end of their work with Tullochan the majority of young people have grown in confidence, are more resilient and are able to make decisions which will support them in the future. It is an organisation that can and does make a difference to the young people of Dumbarton Academy.

Jacqui Lynam Head Teacher Dumbarton Academy January 2014

Tullochan, as an organisation has worked intensively with a targeted group of young people in Clydebank High School for more than 5 years. The work they undertake is an invaluable resource for young people, parents and the school itself. There are 2 main projects ongoing in school, namely the Heads Up programme for S2 young people and the Inspiring Scotland programme for S3/4 young people. S2 Heads Up young people meet in a small group setting for two periods per week and over the year work through a diverse range of issues relevant to their age group. Most of the young people move from Heads Up to the Inspiring Scotland programme for their S3 and S4 years. Here they work towards completing a CoPE (Certificate of Personal Effectiveness). Young people meet once a week for two periods with Tullochan staff and are introduced to a range of empowering experiences e.g. First Aid courses, Food Hygiene, theatre trips, John Muir Award and outward bound type activities to name but a few.

In addition to the work they do in school is the work they undertake in the local community e.g. Club Nights which they publicise via drop-ins at lunchtime in school. The relationships between young people and all the Tullochan staff are extremely positive and the young people talk enthusiastically about the activities they undertake. Every aspect of Tullochan’s work puts young people at the centre of a positive and supportive network which always strivesto enhance their life chances.

Sarah Grumball Depute Head Teacher Clydebank High School January 2014

Our Stories

Future Choices

P has lived with his temporary foster carers since he was 6 years old; after 6 years he is still in the same placement. He is aware that his carers could be changed at any time and awaiting this news is unsettling for him and has been detrimental to his behaviour. As a result, the transition from primary into secondary education has been very difficult for him.

During his first few months of secondary school he was involved in a number of incidents that threatened his future in mainstream education. Although an intelligent young boy, he was putting himself in dangerous situations through attention seeking behavior posing a risk to himself and others.

Since attending Tullochan’s ‘Future Choices’ group work P is now beginning to re-engage more in mainstream education. It was noted at a Multi-Agency Review that his involvement with Tullochan seems to help him to modify his behaviour and the Tullochan team is seeing an improvement.

P enjoys attending the project’s After School Club and has become involved in a number of activities. He now happily engages with the familiar staff team in and out of school. He is doing well in our informal group work environment and is very respectful towards project staff and other group members but his relationship with mainstream classes still needs to improve.

He has shown a keen interest in our self-awareness group work sessions. These seem to help him grasp a better sense of his thoughts and feelings about his approaching change in carers. Personal Safety workshops have also allowed him to explore the consequences of his actions and enabled him to put preventative steps in place to avoid risk-taking behaviour.

P feels that his “behaviour could improve with Tullochan’s help”. Tullochan are also hopeful that if he continues to engage he will become a more resilient young person by the end of S1.

Heads Up

J was referred to the Heads Up programme due to behavioural issues and concerns at home that led to him being suspended several times during his first year at high school and placed on a school behaviour card. There was also social work involvement with two child protection referrals during S1. J and his older brother also have police involvement due to risky behaviour in the community. J’s mum is reluctant to attend meetings regarding these issues and is very difficult to engage with.

At the start of his involvement with the Heads Up project J was very reluctant to speak to staff and refused to participate or express his opinions. It has been a slow process for staff to engage with him. He remains on a behaviour card which is now also signed by Tullochan staff on a weekly basis.

We have recently noticed an improvement with J. He has agreed to attend our after school climbing activity which will give him respite from his chaotic home life. It is also an opportunity to explore new friendships and gain knowledge and skills of a new sport. His attendance is currently 83%.

Unfortunately, alongside this engagement, his behaviour at school has continued to deteriorate and he was suspended for attacking another student. Throughout his time on the Heads Up project however the team have never witnessed any displays of aggression.

A number of agencies have acknowledged that Tullochan is currently the only agency with which J remains engaged and has said he enjoys attending.

Tullochan’s Heads Up staff will continue to support J on his journey. Future work will deliver sessions to discuss puberty and emotions. The team will use this platform to help J to continue to explore his thoughts and feelings and work with him on a one to one basis

Inspiring Scotland

A has been involved with Tullochan since the beginning of S3 when she was referred by her Pastoral Care teacher due to concerns over her behaviour and how this was affecting her academic progress.

In her first few months on the project she often displayed challenging behavior, arguing with staff and disrupting the group. Her friendship with another group member was a negative influence on both girls; they had an ‘us against the world’ attitude and often found themselves in trouble.

Initially, A did not engage in any Tullochan out of school activities, however, towards the end of S3, she attended some outdoor activity days and a residential course and this proved to be a turning point for her. She started to distance herself from negative influences and the staff began to see a different side to her. She showed leadership ability and began to become a positive influence on other group members as well as being a help to staff.

Moving into S4, her attitude has totally changed and continues to improve; she rarely has trouble in school. She is now fully engaged with Tullochan and is the first to sign up for trips/activities and volunteer to help with various fundraising and community events.

Over the last 2 years, A has achieved an ASDAN Certificate of Personal Effectiveness, First Aid and Food Hygiene certificates and taken part in vocational taster sessions at Clydebank College.

A has really turned herself around through her hard work and a positive attitude. She is returning to school for S5 and now hopes to pursue a career in Youth Work so she can ‘Help others like Tullochan have helped her’.

A is a delight to have in our groups and clubs and has a very bright future ahead of her.

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