Blog #3 – Leah

Next up in our series of young people blogs is S2 Leah:

My name is Leah. Friends told me about the lunch time drop in at Tullochan so I came to see what it was like and I made friends that I am still friends with today. A year later my Pupil Support teacher recommended Tullochan sessions to me so I started Tullochan and it has helped me learn to do new things I wouldn’t normally do. An example of this is socialising with people I never thought to talk to before, I did this by asking them 5 questions about themselves.

I also learned about healthy living and had the opportunity to make a healthy smoothie. Tullochan has also helped me build more confidence by displaying my work to my group and talking to them about what I have been doing. I really enjoyed Tullochan and I hope I can continue doing it in third year.

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