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This project was first developed in 2008 in partnership with Inspiring Scotland. It was set up in response to West Dunbartonshire’s poor statistics in relation to the number of young people who were not engaging in school and the low numbers of young people progressing from school into further education, employment and training. It was identified that the majority of the young people caught up in these statistics lived in some of the most deprived communities within the Region.

Today Inspiring Scotland is firmly established as an early intervention project that provides a prevention and informal education programme with a strong employability theme. The project is working with 200 young people across the West Dunbartonshire region.


In School group support sessions. Within 5 West Dunbartonshire High Schools, we deliver a number of SQA Awards including the SQA Employability Award and the SQA Wellbeing Award along with other youth development activities aimed at increasing young people’s skills and confidence and increasing the likelihood of young people moving into further education, training and employment.

Diversionary Activities.  During the school holidays we offer a number of activities as part of our holiday programmes.  Along with outdoor activities and day trips, we deliver a number of activity blocks from our Tullochan offices during the school holidays including the John Muir Award at Discover and Explorer level, Drama and Film blocks and also Photography groups. All activities are designed to break down territorial barriers by mixing young people from all areas along with allowing the young people to build confidence and learn new skills while taking part in challenging and fun pursuits


Our aim is to increase the young people’s chances of achieving a positive destination as well as raising their aspirations and improving their self-esteem. We support them to develop the personal qualities, knowledge, social and employability skills to enable them to succeed in life. Ultimately, we aim to help them become successful learners, confident individuals, enterprising citizens and effective contributors to their community.



“ Tullochan continues to provide a valuable service to the school.  They engage with a number of our most disenfranchised young people and offer them outstanding supports both within school and the wider community.  They provide a tailored programme for all associated year groups which contributes to the personal development of each young person.  This in turn allows our students to gain wider opportunities within their school curriculum.”

The school greatly appreciates the quality of support that is offered to our young people by Tullochan and we look forward to developing this partnership in future years.”    

Andy Dougan

Depute Headteacher

Our Lady & St. Patrick’s High School


“Tullochan have had a very positive impact on the pupils in St Peter the Apostle  High School. They have been able to engage pupils in a way in which we would struggle to do through our school curriculum. Pupils are given a variety of opportunities to be active, responsible and engage in a variety of team building activities which develop their confidence, self-esteem and communication skills. Pupils speak very highly of their time with Tullochan and form extremely positive relationships with the Tullochan staff.  Tullochan have become an important part of our school’s implementation of a Curriculum for Excellence by allowing a much wider curriculum designed to meet the needs of every pupil.

“If Tullochan were to withdraw their services from St Peter the Apostle it would have a substantial impact on the learning experience of the pupils who participate in the Tullochan programme.”

Michael Harkness

Pastoral Care Teacher

St Peter the Apostle High School



“In CHS we have had a long and very successful relationship with Tullochan in all its different guises.

At present Tullochan work with 32 young people in S2 (13/14 years old) who are working through the Heads Up program, 26 S3 and 24 S4 young people who are working with the Inspiring Scotland program (COPE or PDA awards).

The young people in all the groups have a mixture of backgrounds and needs (behaviour in school, family issues, social interactions, self-esteem etc).

There is an absolutely fabulous atmosphere/ethos in all the groups. For many of the young people it is the highlight of their school week.

Without the option of Tullochan groups  the breadth of our educational opportunities/experiences would be detrimentally affected. The ability to work in the “stress free” environment and  in small groups allows pupils to develop skills that just can’t be “taught” in “normal” classrooms.

The workers who take the groups expect and get high standards of behaviour from all the pupils and really give 110% to all the young pupils. They also attend parents’ evening and report on progress. This is enormously positive for both young people and parents.

Tullochan provides a unique service that extends well beyond the classroom and the school into the heart of the community.

To sum up Clydebank High School would be a less inclusive and poorer place without Tullochan.”

Graham Simpson

MCMC Coordinator/PT Pastoral Care

Clydebank High School



“I can trust and depend on them (Tullochan staff)”

“They (IS team) listen and support me”

“The staff are helpful, nice and patient”

“Tullochan has helped me make more friends and manage my anger”

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