Case Study 1

CS1 is a young person who is currently in S4 and has been part of Tullochan since S2. CS1 took part in the SQA Employability Level 3 Award. At the beginning of the year CS1 struggled to get engaged with the award and spent a lot of time messing about with his friends and having to be spoken to from staff to complete his work. CS1 had to be spoken to by staff on more than one occasion about the importance of completing the award and how it will help in the future. 

After the October holiday we noticed a significant change in CS1’s behaviour. He was concentrating better in class, he appeared to be more mature and his confidence and concentration has improved a great deal. CS1 worked hard to complete his award and gave good and detailed answers in his work. CS1 showed a good understanding of the Employability Award and was able to complete most of the work to a good standard. 

CS1 completed all 3 units of the award and worked very hard when preparing for his mock interview. He gave an incredible mock interview and showed a great deal of maturity and understanding in his answers. 

CS1 called to let us know that he has been accepted in to Anniesland College to do an NC in IT. He wanted to thank Tullochan for the support they had given him while doing the SQA Employability level 3 Award as he said if he hadn’t completed this course he would have struggled with his College application and felt the mock interview gave him the confidence and the coping mechanisms to go and take part in the college interview. He believes the tool he received and the skills he learned while taking part in the course has helped him to develop and gain confidence. 


Case Study 2

CS2 is a young person who has been part of Tullochan since S1 and left Tullochan at the end of S5 after completing her Employability level 3 SQA. CS2 was referred to Tullochan due to lack of self-confidence, getting into trouble and school and getting into conflict with her peers.

When starting the Future Choices program in S1 CS2 presented with behavioural issues and showed a lack of trust in adults. She was very guarded and put up a wall to prevent her building relationships with others. After working with Tullochan for the year you could see CS2’s confidence growing her peer relationships were improving and she was able to build better relationships with staff. Reports from the school were that although CS2 was still getting into trouble with her teachers it was less than the start of the year and she was building better relationships with her teachers. CS2’s confidence had improved that much that she came along on an S2 residential to take part in the John Muir Discover Award, being 1 of only 2 S1 who took part in the residential. She built new friendships, worked really had with her peers and learned new team work skills.

CS2 continued to work with Tullochan through the years becoming a more confident individual, she started to work hard on her school subjects proving she was a very clever individual. Her peer relationships improved greatly and she was no longer getting into fights in school. 

CS2 took part in her Personal Development level 2 SQA and during this time she proved to be a vital member of the group. She was very empathetic to her peers and worked well in a group. She showed she had great leadership skills and helped others in the group who were not as confident with their SQA. During S4 CS2 identified that she identified as gay and was struggling to come to terms with her sexuality as she did not have support from her family. Staff supported her through this and she became more comfortable with who she is. 

Over the summer CS2 came along to the Tullochan John Muir Discover Award as a peer mentor and worked with young people taking a lead in their group and supporting them through the award and to understand the activities. She showed great leadership skills and encouraged the young people in her group helping them to become more confident individuals. 

In S5 CS2 then took part in the Employability level 3 SQA Award and completed this award with ease, again helping others in the group to understand the award. She encouraged others helping them complete job applications and CV. 

CS2 is now a very confident and secure young person who will go on to do great things. She is currently attending college taking part in a level 2 Mechanical Engineering course. She is enjoying this course and has made great peer relationships since attending the college.